Relaxing Massage that takes you on a Journey:

Getting a relaxation massage therapy session from Allison's Magic Massage is a smooth and rich flowing journey into unconsciousness. Where time and space doesn’t exist and people from all walks of life finally get to shed their titles and expectations of the outside world. It is a total de-stressing experience and we are conveniently located in Salt Lake City. Don’t delay your journey any longer, book your appointment today... 801 541-0006 

Our address is conveniently located at, 970 E. 3300 S. #9 in Salt Lake City. It's an L shape plaza on the south side of the road. Walk-ins welcome, so stop in or give us a call at, 801 541-0006

Check out our Specials...

Currently there are no specials. We try to give one flat rate which we feel is the best special to give. Here we don't charge extra for aromatherapy, deep tissue and even hot stone massage, most massage companies charge extra for each of these.


No more Magic Mondays at Magic Massage....     Because everyday is Magic at Magic Massage.

If you would like to add aromatherapy into your session please ask.  We understand when a client comes during the middle of their day they don't want to return to their day smelling like different flavors of essential oils, so we don't automatically add them in unless asked. Aromatherapy has many different ways of application, the two we can use in house here are; 1- applying directly to clients skin and 2- diffusing into the air or on a hot towel and allowing the aroma to work through the sense of smell. When we apply to client's skin we simply put 3-5 drops in are hand and then add in some of the regular oil to dilute it. Our main oil is either a light weight sesame seed oil or coconut oil. The main essential oils we use are either eucalyptus or peppermint oil, but we also have citris ones as well. If there is a particular one you like ask us and we will try to get it in for you. Here we don't charge the 5-10 dollars extra for aromatherapy that other companies will.


Why take the time to get a Relaxation Massage Therapy session?


In today's world people are conditioned to always be on the go. We feel lazy if we take time for ourselves but studies have shown that stress is a major cause of sickness. It breaks down your immune system and makes you more vulnerable to colds and flus. Massage is a great remedy for this, as well as, being a great treatment for depression, migraine headaches and anxiety. That's why our relaxation massage therapy session is geared towards stress relief and pampering.

know your therapist


Now that you know who we are and hopefully will come in soon, here's our advice for finding a good therapist:

Some good questions to ask

1. Are you licensed? (They should be able to give their license number that anyone is able to look up on DOPL).

This is especially important if you like deep work. Licensed professionals have better knowledge of the muscles and their functions, even apprentices do because they are getting one on one training that so many therapist miss out on these days. Unfortunately, there are many unlicensed people out there also trying to pass themselves off as LMTs.

2. Another consideration if you like deep work, is to find out if the therapist likes to receive deep pressure massages. The therapist that gets deep tissue massage, we've noticed, are better at giving deep tissue.

3. If you are looking for just soothing, relaxing massage ask the therapist if that style is possible. Some therapists are locked into one routine and will not change for anything.

4. Let your therapist know up front if you have an injury that needs to be addressed and if they have experience working with that particular injury.

Some therapists have clients fill out client intake forms to find this information out. But we prefer to get the client on the table as soon as possible and feel for the body's stress points. That doesn't mean an injury, once in a while, wouldn't get overlooked so feel free to communicate with us. 

5. Communication is also very important when deciding on a massage therapist. Make sure it is someone open to listening and you can easily talk to. 

These are only a few basic questions to get an idea. Eventually the only way to really know how a massage from any therapist will be is to try it. We do not feel like a lot of questions are necessary, in fact many therapist (not us of course) get annoyed if they feel like they're in a game of 20 questions. Ask a few questions to get an idea and then go in to experience the massage.

If there are any other questions that need addressing, or to schedule a massage, give the girls at Magic Massage a  call at:

 (801) 541-0006 or (801) 946-2700