Magic Massage Signature:


This is a combination of Swedish massage, Russian and trigger point therapy. Opposites really do attract in this modality.The long soothing Swedish strokes are paired with the deep detailed work of trigger point mixed with the kneading technique of Russian massage. You will leave our office definitely feeling worked over, relieved of stress and pain. So call today...

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Pure Relaxation and Peace:


       Feel the smooth, long and slow glide of Swedish massage techniques, this style is done with light or medium pressure. It's for people who prefer relaxing massage instead of intense therapeutic bodywork.

Intense massage for the intense person:


       This is a deep tissue massage, very detailed and not for the novice.

Other magical services:


       shiatsu                                                                 $60/hour

       hot stone therapy                                                  $95/hour and a half

       salt scrub/ massage combo                                    $75/hour

       couples massage                                                 $55/each per hour 

       in-home massage                                                $85/hour